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2007 Conference

It's our 20th anniversary...

So we thought the 80s would be a cool theme for a party! But looking back to that time, can we find more than Michael, mullets, and moonwalking?

We certainly fact, the 80s were the beginning of the crazy, digital, and blended world of multimedia communications that we live in today. Music and television combined to bring us MTV, film and television merged to bring us VHS rentals, HBO, and Showtime. Computers were brought to our desktops...and when the Apple Macintosh was born, even had desktops inside them.

Today and tomorrow's digital media were born in the 80s, so let's look back as we look ahead. Be totally inspired, learn radical new ideas, and network with awesome professionals at this gnarly 20th anniversary celebration!

New - Click here for a map of the conference registration area in Coffman.


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