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2009 Maroon & Gold Awards

UMCF Awards Committee Comics Presents Heroes of the Communicators Forum Universe
Campaign Electronic Green Print Writing

Congratulations to the 2009 Winners!

View the awards presentation slides, including pictures of the winning entries and lists of contributors.


Campaign, Promotional

School of Music           
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts Campaign

Electronic Media, Web Site

Family Social Science
FSoS Department Web Site

Electronic Media, Video

Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
Engineering a Better World

Electronic Media, Online Education

Student Unions and Activities      
Handy Andy 2: The Ampersand Trail          

Print Design, Specialty

University Libraries
Treasures from the Collections

Print Design, Illustration

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
CFANS Welcome Week T-shirt

Print Design, Multiple Sheet

Office of Admissions
University of Minnesota Viewbook 08-09

Print Design, Poster

Office of Information Technology
Phishing Awareness Poster

Print Design, Card

Printing Services
Cost-Saving Case Studies

Writing, Long Feature

College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences
The Road to Snack-Food Fame: A Food Product Team Adventure

Writing, Informational

College of Liberal Arts Media & Public Relations
What They Do Booklet

Writing, Short Feature

Minnesota Medical Foundation
"Arthur Aufderheide: Wrapping up a career in paleopathology," Medical Bulletin


Excellence in Electronic Media

Office of Admissions
Be Part of Something Great Recruitment Landing Page

Excellence in Print Design

College of Liberal Arts Media & Public Relations
What They Do Booklet

Excellence in Writing

College of Liberal Arts Media & Public Relations
Mechanism Design: Leo's Legacy

Excellence in Campaign

College of Liberal Arts External Relations
Less-Commonly-Taught Languages Posters


Most environmentally responsible effort in communications receives the traveling trophy

CEHD Annual Assembly Invitation


Most elegant solution made within the means available

School of Music
University Opera Theatre Campaign    


Voted best by members attending the conference for the traveling trophy

University Libraries
Treasures from the Collections   


Promoting Excellence in Communications

Maroon & Gold awards are presented annually to University of Minnesota Communicators Forum members whose work best embodies the University's core values: excellence, innovation, integrity, diversity, academic freedom, collaboration, sharing of knowledge, accountability, stewardship, and service.

The awards highlight the significant role of communications in shaping the relationship between the University and its constituents: students and their parents; staff and faculty; colleagues in higher education; leaders of business, industry, and civic life; legislators and the general public. Projects must successfully demonstrate timely, targeted, credible messages combined with the most compelling concept, format, design, and materials.

By promoting high standards, the awards program encourages the interpretive, analytical, integrative, and creative skills necessary to the communicator's task. In their organizations, communicators must be both authoritative and collaborative, as necessary. They are thinkers and doers whose work collectively supports the University's primary mission.