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Criteria—Entries must consist of two or more pieces that are separated in space and/or time. Entries will be judged for excellence in identity and message, design and content synergy, creativity and originality, technical execution, planned distribution strategy, effectiveness, appropriateness for intended audiences(s), technical execution, overall impact, and ability to meet the organization's communications goals.

Instructional/Informational—Campaigns that teach or guide the intended audience, whether internal or external. Possible examples: community outreach, making scientific information accessible to general audiences, library resources, professional or institutional networks, resource databases, directories, etc.

Promotional—Campaigns that publicize or strengthen branding; conferences, events, services, seasonal or cyclic campaigns for major events or issues, etc.

Coordinated Social Media—Can include any social media tool: blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Entries will be judged on clearly-defined strategic purpose, creative and effective approach to message, excellent writing and interactivity, and effective exploration of the particular qualities of the medium employed. When more than one of the social media is used in concert, criteria will include synergy among the different media that supports the overall effort and effective exploration of the particular qualities of each medium employed.

Innovator—Campaigns that use new media, techniques, tools or combinations of communication tools in innovative ways heretofore unseen by the University of Minnesota community.




2017 Maroon & Gold Awards

Submission Starts: February 1, 2017
Deadline: February 17, 2017

2017 Awards Categories and Criteria



Congratulations to our past M&G Awards winners!

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