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Criteria—Entries must consist of a single piece, or related group where indicated, that will be judged for excellence in concept, design, craftsmanship, graphics, typography, format, if applicable materials and printing, as well as effectiveness, quality, ability to meet organization's communications goals and application of University standards and creativity in solving the problems inherent in institutional design.

Application—Design of an application meant to fulfill a particular purpose, such as a specific task; or to promote, support, or advance a communications function.

Card—Printed cards of any kind, either flat or folded, such as holiday cards, invitations, postcards, greeting cards, or informational cards.

Display—A banner, exhibition, event installation or booth, three-dimensional objects, billboard, or environmental graphics.

Illustration—Single image, text treatment, graphic, or photo illustration, used in print or online.

Infographic—An image or series of images and words meant to help visualize data or other complex sets of information, in print or online.

Innovator—Using design in any media/venue in innovative ways heretofore unseen by the University of Minnesota community.

Multi-Page Print—An entire piece in print or as PDF, such as case statements, guidebooks, annual reports, books/booklets, or calendars.

Multi-Page Print Section—One section, in multiple pages, of a single multi-page piece, such as case statement, guidebook, annual report, books/booklet or calendar.

Multimedia/Video—Visual communication elements in recorded video, television show, commercial, streaming video, mobile/tablet app, online kiosk, or flash animation.

Newsletter—Any newsletter issued from the University system on a regular schedule, in print, online, or both.

Poster or Single Sheet—Printed piece consisting of one sheet, flat or folded, such as book or CD cover, brochure or flyer.

Regular Publication—A series of at least 2 periodicals published during the eligibility period in print, online or both, such as case statements, guidebooks, annual reports, books/booklets, calendars or magazines.

Series—Multiple images or like materials that were released at the same time as part of a collection such as icons, cards, illustrations, posters, or video series.

Web Page—Design of a page within a website.

Web Section—Design of a section of a website that has its own sub-navigation.

Website—Design of a standalone collection of web pages from a single web domain.




2017 Maroon & Gold Awards

Submission Starts: February 1, 2017
Deadline: February 17, 2017

2017 Awards Categories and Criteria



Congratulations to our past M&G Awards winners!

Past Awards Recipients