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Criteria—Entries must consist of a single piece that will be judged for outstanding strength of voice, tone, prose, grammar, punctuation, awareness of intended audience, application of University standards, style as appropriate to the entry‚Äôs classification and success in meeting the organization's communications goals. The primary focus will be creativity in solving the problems of institutional writing within the context of the category.

Short Feature—Copy up to 1,000 words in length such as editorials, reporting, magazine features, or annual report articles.

Long Feature—Copy for stories more than 1,000 words in length such as editorials, reporting, magazine features, annual report articles.

Message—Signed communication to an audience conveyed in a clear, concise fashion from a specific person or group, such as essential information for employees, crisis communications, letter from the editor, "from the director" or "from the dean."

Informational writing—Copy that informs or guides the intended audiences, whether internal or external. May be focused on community outreach, making scientific information accessible to general audiences, library resources, professional or institutional networks, resource databases, directories, etc.

Promotional/Marketing writing—Copy that is promotional and/or marketing-focused, meant to motivate and inspire action; publicizes or strengthens branding, such as conferences, events, services, seasonal campaigns for major events or issues, etc.

Technical/Instructional writing—Copy that tackles a technical topic for a non-technical audience, such as how-to instructions, end-user assistance or technical documentation.

Press/News release text—Copy pitching stories to outside media, including press releases and news releases.

Script text/Text meant to be spoken—Copy written to be presented aloud to an audience, such as speeches, public service announcements, presentations.

Newsletter—Any newsletter issued by the University system on a regular schedule.

Web—Writing for the web, including for websites, wikis or blogs, in a way that is serves web users' needs -- scannable, readable, aiding navigation.

Innovator—Using writing in innovative ways heretofore unseen by the University of Minnesota community.




2017 Maroon & Gold Awards

Submission Starts: February 1, 2017
Deadline: February 17, 2017

2017 Awards Categories and Criteria



Congratulations to our past M&G Awards winners!

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