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Design Info Swap
February 15, 2008

Approximately 30 designers present; representing a wide variety of experience (from beginners to many with over 10 years in the field). Attendees were equally divided between the East Bank, West Bank, and St. Paul.

Demo of online training library at :

  1. Watched video of new Photoshop CS3 brightness/contrast feature
  2. Can subscribe to the online service for $25/month
  3. Free weekly podcasts on iTunes
  4. Other option: ADCS has training DVDs; but only one for CS3
    Creative Suite 3 Video Workshop DVD at

What do other designers do to keep current?

  1. (cheap stock photography and clip art)
  2. (image bookmarking and inspiration)
  3. (social bookmark site; save your bookmarks and share them online)
  4. (MIT homepage design; updates daily)
  5. From Rebecca Noran, inspired by Daniel Pink: go to a magazine stand and pick up 3 magazines you’d never otherwise buy and use as an unexpected source for inspiration or design solutions
  6. (browse or contribute color palettes)
  7. (browse or create your own color palette, export palettes directly to Adobe InDesign)

What professional organizations are people involved in?

  1. AIGA and
  2. UCDA
  3. CASE
  4. (a place to meet and network with other designers)
  5. Minneapolis InDesign User Group

Other helpful/interesting (and free!) resources:


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