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Untangling Your Web:
Evaluating the Organization of Your Web Site

October 29, 2002
Molecular and Cellular Biology Building, Room 3-120

PeterA discussion with the University Relations Web development team: Amy Anderson, Matt Sumera, and Peter Riemenschneider

This discussion of Web site architecture included an introduction to the new U of M templates found at Simple tools and concepts of information architecture were presented. Representatives from University departments who are using the new templates were on hand to share their experiences.

The handouts from this presentation are included below compliments of Matt Sumera and Peter Riemenschneider.

Slide show presentation
In the slides, you will find a definition of information architecture and an introduction to the IA "toolbox"--a collection of resources that you can use as you plan for and develop your Web site.

Information Architecture Case Study: Government Relations
This case study, for the Government Relations Web site, includes step-by-step examples of how information architecture can be used in a real world set to "re-architect" an existing Web site. The case study covers issues such as completing a site evaluation, competitive analysis, defining target audiences and developing user profiles, and developing a user task list.

Site Map and Wire Frames
Appendices to the case study: here are examples of mock site maps (based upon the existing Government Relations Web structure and a proposed new architecture) as well as a series of wire frames for development purposes. These documents are described more fully in the slide show and case study documents, and are provided here as examples of one way to address these IA tools. There are a variety of ways to create site maps and wire frames (and you need not invest in complex software to do so); included are examples of hand-drawn wire frames to show how flexible these techniques can be.

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