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Leveraging Your Leader: Strategies for Communicators

November 30, 2006
Dawn Skelly from Carlson presented their plan for introducing their new dean, Allison Davis-Blake. Phase One included:

  • Goals for her introduction
  • Considerations—things to leverage
  • Key tools and tactics, including media relations, CSOM publications, development, and speaking engagements

Phase 2 will include more media relations.

Sue Banovetz from CLA talked about using their dean’s passion for the University of Minnesota and higher ed, his expertise and ability to promote the college. An important strategy is tying together the goals of the University, the college, development and recruiting. Tactics include speaking at Rotary clubs in key legislative districts, sending positive press about faculty members to their legislators, tying media work with college publications, and more. CLA also makes reprints/CDs of key print articles and radio interviews that can be distributed when pitching the dean to various constituencies.

Peggy Rader from CEHD is also in the midst of a new dean roll-out since Dean Darlyne Bailey just started in October. A key challenge in this case is prioritizing the dean’s time and energy when she is very enthusiastic about meeting everyone and learning everything at once. Roll out strategies have included:

  • Defining audiences
  • Including students and alumni
  • Using all communications methods, including the Web
  • Local and national media relations

Peggy also provided key questions to ask when working with any leader:

    1. Who is the leader comfortable with?
    2. Is she better as a public speaker or better one-on-one?
    3. Is he comfortable being scripted?
    4. What is the vision of the leader? How does that translate outside the unit? Will anyone care? Can it leverage the unit?
    5. What kind of time commitment will the leader give?

The individual presentations were followed by moderated questions from the audience.



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