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Design Info Swap: R-E-S-P-E-C-T Raising University designers' status
July 17, 2008

Hosted by the design teams of College of Education and Human Development and College of Design

This session is an opportunity to discuss raising the status of design and designers at the University. How do we work within the U's hierarchical structure to bring design in at the strategy and planning level, to be valued within our units? How can we support each other? We'll record notes from the meeting to share with the group and capture any next steps.

To prepare for the discussion, we ask that you take this informal questionnaire about designers' situations at the U -- only 10 questions: (Actual link is:

We will report the results back to the group at the meeting. We also invite you to read and listen to the following point-counterpoint on the topic of designers getting a seat at the table:

Moira Cullen, “A seat at the table: Framing the value of design”
MP3 and PDF downloads are at
(Disclaimer: Actual talk doesn't start until about 10 minutes into this; conference announcements precede.)

Michael Beirut, “You're so intelligent”

For those of you in Minneapolis, to entice you to come to this St. Paul edition we will be serving root beer floats with Gopher Dairy Bar ice cream. There will be water, too. The meeting location is an interior design classroom tucked away at the top of McNeal Hall with skylights and wheeling chairs. And drafting tables. While you're in McNeal you could explore the exhibit at the Goldstein Museum of Design, Techno Textiles: Inner Space to Outer Space, or venture around the St. Paul campus to see the chickens and horses and so forth. Worth the trip!




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