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“9 to 5” or Making the Most of Resources, Tools, and Relationships for Successful Project Management
December 14, 2007

In the movie “9 to 5,” three corporate assistants demonstrate flawless project management when they trap their boss in his house and assume control of his department. How can we all be flawless project managers? This practical discussion of successful project management explores the tools, processes, and relationship management techniques that lead to successful projects.

Our panelists for December 14 bring broad experience and look forward to talking with the Forum about communications and other important components of project management:

  • Jodi Beaupre, director of operations at Yamamoto Moss McKenzie (, will share best practices for project management and client service from the perspective of a marketing communications agency.
  • Ann Hill Duin, associate vice president and deputy CIO with the University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology, will discuss relationship management during a project and strategies for communicating with key stakeholders along the way.
  • Lori-Anne Williams will be unable to join us on the 14th due to a schedule conflict. We are pleased to announce that a representative of the newly formed University project management group will be on the panel.


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