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Supporting Support the U Day
November 19, 2008

Communications Challenge Event: Support Support the U Day

Assignment: Get students fired up about Support the U Day
Your client is the Minnesota Student Union, which every year struggles to get Twin Cities campus students down to the capitol on Support the U Day, despite heavy attendance from all other campuses, and despite what’s at stake: tuition costs, buildings in need of repair, and much more. The participation goal is 250. Sound easy? Show us how you would get them onto those buses next February 25.

This fun networking event pitted teams of four against each other in three categories: Design, Copywriting, and Media Strategy. MSA officers were on hand to answer questions and to judge the event. Entries will be used to promote Support the U Day.

Brainstorming Results
Download this list (PDF)

Group 1
Helping “U” Beat the Band!
The U of M Marching Band has 300 members
How many do U have?
A viral competition to increase student participation in Support the U Day

  1. Get the band to buy-in
  2. Challenge other groups on campus to Beat the Band
  3. Use social networking sites to create teams and foster competition
  4. Identify U staff to moderate team progress
  5. Incentives: story in Daily, t-shirt, “We Beat the Band,” and bragging rights!

Group 2
Strategic Plan

  • Yes U Can!
  • It's your university
  • Make a difference
  • Protect your investment
  • Civic duty/election spirit


  • Online: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, video (YouTube/Viral Video)
  • Ads: posters, flyers, Daily ads


  • Students: Greek, residence halls, marching band
  • Parents


  • Organized bussing
  • Prizes – Wii?
  • Business involvement
  • Initial video for video competition – pair with a class
  • Limo (donated) for the largest group gathered

Group 3
Capitalizing on Presidential “change” message
What is missing at U of M? Or what will be missing?
The U matters – what is important to U?


  • YouTube videos
  • Text messaging
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Street Theater
  • Ads in Daily

Dotted line drawing showing what would be missing

Group 4
Yes U Can! (Big illustration based on Obama campaign)
Use Greek community, parents, student groups, and residence halls
“It's Your University: Fight For It.”

Group 5
20 Steps to Capitol Success

  1. Faculty involvement
  2. Ad on OneStop and MyU Portal. Use Facebook more effectively.
  3. Competition – how many friends can you get to participate?
  4. Department newsletters to students.
  5. Theatre and skits around campus/guerilla marketing
  6. Wrap a building or structure in advertising
  7. Athlete participation – get key athletes
  8. Student video contest
  9. Bus advertising – campus circulator
  10. Bracelets – get local TV anchors to wear/promote them.
  11. Reward program for participants – discounts, sports tickets, etc.
  12. Present your tattoo at STUD – get a free coffee
  13. Grassroots action Obama-style
  14. Greek party – make sections of banners to display at the Capitol
  15. Donated ad space in Coffman, St. Paul Student Center, Parking Ramps, Tunnels
  16. Phone call from Bruininks to faculty/staff – support students who attend
  17. Regular text message for those participating – send to friends to invite
  18. Daily story
  19. Chalking
  20. Sidewalk Clings


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