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Digital Storytelling

Cross-Sharing & Content Strategy

Question the Problem with Sharon Werner

Communicating the Value of Communications + Share Fair

Thinking on Our Feet: Lightning Talks and PowerPoint Karaoke


Making the Most of Your Content

OpenSpace/OpenBreakfast–Elevating Communication and Communicators

26th Annual Conference: Spark of Inspiration

Design Factors Affect User Experience in Visual Communication for Different Cultural Populations

Bridging the Age Gap: Creating a High-Performing, Multi-generational Team

Adam Turman - Professional illustrator, muralist and print/poster artist

Crisis Communications


What Drives You? #UMNDriven and the New Campaign

The Power of When - Garrick Van Buren on Tools to Improve Productivity and Achieve Goals

M.I.A. to Mia - Minneapolis Institute of Art on Branding and Community Engagement

25th Annual Conference: Ahead of the Curve

Communicating on the Strategic Plan: Telling and Integrating Compelling Stories

Style Guides: Best Practices for Development, Implementation, and Getting Your Team on Board

The Upgrade (ESUP) update & What clients say vs. what they really want


Transition to Drupal

MarketView Events Calendar: Uses for Planning and Promoting Your Event

Made in Minnesota: Design Principles for Bringing the Brand to Life

24th Annual Conference: Craft the Future

What Communicators Want to Know About Copyright

Expert Insight: Communicating in a Crisis Situation

I Don't Have Your Ph.D.: Tips for Working and Communicating With Faculty

The ROI on .Movs: Insights and Best Practices for Video


Keep Calm and Be Prepared: What You Need to Know About Emergency Preparedness

Alcohol @ Events: Do's and Don'ts

Health Quest: Story of a UMN iPhone app

UMCF Welcome & Kick-off

23rd Annual Conference: Year of the Communicator

Events Panel

Creative Work Break: The Balance Beam with Maggie Tomas

InDesign Training with Jeanne Schacht

Strategic Communications Circle: Email Marketing and Management Tools Panel

Creative Work Break: Improvisation with Barry Kudrowitz

Strategy Circle: Dealing with Internal Communications


Beginner's Circle: Working with University Relations

University Library's For The Common Good Exhibit Private Tour

Basics of Negotiation with Margaret Anderson Kelliher

22nd Annual Conference: Go For The Maroon And Gold

Communications Job Study Panel

We're a Land-Grant Institution. What Does that Mean for Communicators?

Beginner's Circle: Social Media 101

Strategy Circle: UMN Survey Tools and Policy

Expert Insights: Communicating Public Value with Cyndy Brucato

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Beginner's Circle: Videography 101

Strategy Circle: Communicating Across Multiple Social Media Tools

Expert Insights: Jennifer Kane and Kary Delaria: Maximizing Your Social Media Influence

Beginners' Circle: Photography 101

Strategy Circle: Promoting Strategies on a Budget: Internal PR

Expert Insights: Amy Phenix and Diana Harvey: Communications as Strategic Partner: Best Practices

21st Annual Conference: Making Our Case

How to avoid death by PowerPoint: Tips for giving better presentations

Graphic Design Basics Half-Day Program

The Big Debate: What to Publish Online–And When

Podcasting tools: how to choose and how to use

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Maximizing Student Employment Potential

Video Primer with Colin McFadden

Academic Freedom for Communicators

Effective Outreach to Target Audiences

Grant Writing

20th Annual Conference: Back to Our Roots

Communicating Change: A joint program with Project & Change Management Collaborators

Strategic Event Planning Half-Day Program

How To Write an Inspired Creative Brief

On Brand: Success Stories

Social Media Brown Bag

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Copyright Issues for Communicators

Web 2.0: When is it worth doing?

Analytics & Measurement: Are My Communications Effective?

19th Annual Conference: Make it Super!

A (R)Evolution in Design with Holly Robbins

Viral Campaigns with Katie Elfering, Iconoculture

Web 2.0/Social Media Half-Day

Strategic Options for Email

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Sustainable Design: A conversation with CDes dean Tom Fisher

Supporting Support the U Day

Design Swap: From 美國明尼蘇達大學 to جامعة مينيسوتا: what does it mean to a designer?

Driven to Discover: A Measurement-Driven Campaign

The Cameramen: Using Video at the U of M

Design Info Swap: R-E-S-P-E-C-T Raising University designers' status

“The Matrix” or Communicating in a Web 2.0 World

18th Annual Conference: The Big Picture

Design Info Swap: The environmental impact edition

“Network” or Media Roundtable

“Big Fish” or Telling Other People’s Stories

“Office Space” or Managing Colleagues' Expectations for Communications

Design Info Swap #1

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“9 to 5” or Making the Most of Resources, Tools, and Relationships for Successful Project Management

“The Sound of Music” or Getting the Word Out: Making Sure the Strength of the U of M story is Heard

“Mass Appeal” or Marketing Public Events

“Almost Famous” or Writing for the Web

Content Management for Communicators: Preparing for UMContent

17th Annual Conference: Back to the 80's

Finding the Perfect Image: Image Resources at the U

Finders Keepers: Trends in Communicating, From Prospect to Alum

Kickoff for 6th Annual Maroon & Gold Awards

Diversity in Communications

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Download event summaries for 2005-06 (117 K PDF)

Media Training 101

Leveraging Your Leader: Strategies for Communicators

The Breeze Off Lake Superior

University Archives: A Tool for Communicators

Whiz! Bang! Pop! Re-Start Your Creativity!

A two-part branding presentation by University Relations

Trends in Technology for Professional Communicators

Communicators Forum Strategic Positioning Brown Bag

16th Annual Conference: Uncharted Territory

Crisis Communications: Calming Our Colleagues

Kickoff for 5th Annual Maroon & Gold Award

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Download event summaries for 2004-05 (109 K PDF)

Creativity, Conflict, and Collaboration: Characteristics of Well-Managed Communications

Channeling the Pop Zeitgeist

Access to Information: Communications and Disability

Forum Kickoff Event

Annual Member Appreciation Event

15th Annual Conference: MISSION: POSSIBLE

The Ethics of Marketing in Higher Education

Writing for Effect with Steve Wilbers

Creating Excellence: Award-Winning Communications at the University

Integrating Your Communications with the U's Strategic Positioning

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Download event summaries for 2003-04 (139 K PDF)

Privacy, the Law, and your Communications

Graphic Design 101: Workshop for Non-designers

Maximize your Message and Assess your Success

Forum Kickoff Event

Summer Social: Eastcliff

14th Annual Conference: Making Something Out of Nothing

Creating Powerful Webs

Who's Margo? Meet the Maroon and Gold Awards

Branding: The Bigger Picture

A Capitol Conversation

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Download event summaries for 2002-03 (586 K PDF)

Making Your Message Span the U

Public Speaking-
Conquering the fear that tongue-ties us

Taming the Web

New Art on the West Bank

Annual Networking Pizza Party

Summer Social

13th Annual Conference: Imagine! Inspire! Ignite!

A Plan Among Plans: Planning Your Communications

Creating Winning Communications

Trading Places

Annual Member Appreciation Event

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Download event summaries for 2001-02 (314 K PDF)

Sneak Preview: Coffman Memorial Union

Picture perfect: A lesson in photography

Untangling Your Web:
Evaluating the Organization of Your Web Site

Legislative Advocacy 101:
Tools and Tactics for Communicators

Annual Networking
Pizza Party

12th Annual Conference: Carnival of Connections

Words That Move

Annual Member Appreciation Event

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11th Annual Conference: Fishing for Meaning in Your Work Life


10th Annual Conference: Managing the Frenzy: Translating Communication Skills to New Media


9th Annual Conference: Communication By Design


8th Annual Conference: Communicating in a Marketplace


10th Anniversary Celebration

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