Past Events

October 14, 2021

Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Avoid Exploitative Messaging

No matter the mission that an organization strives for, an integral part of nonprofit communications and fundraising is sharing stories of people who have been impacted by our programs. A building movement in this sector is called Community-Centric Fundraising (CCF), which is a model grounded in equity and social justice.

With many white-led nonprofit organizations, the way that these stories are presented can be othering and perpetuate a white savior mindset to donors. This presentation aims to shine light on the consequences of poorly-articulated storytelling and introduce tools to ensure that storytelling is done ethically. Some of these tools include how to cultivate, ask permission, and manage boundaries in the pursuit of an equitable and authentic relationship with the person who wants to share their story.

Speaker: Clara Lind, Donor Experience Manager, Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative