Conference Committee

Be a part of the Conference Committee and help put on the biggest program of the year. We need the skills of a variety of individuals to develop and execute this day-long event, to be held in May or June. Join the Conference Committee, and you’ll be able to use or develop your talents —

  • As a planner to develop the conference concept, timeline, and budget
  • As an organizer by attending to the myriad of conference details (such as speaker selection, conference site, registration, and more)
  • As a writer, designer, or editor to help create publicity and conference materials (both print and electronic)
  • As a sales person to sell table space to vendors who want to reach University communicators
  • As a technical support person for any audio/visual, networking, or equipment needs
  • As a gourmet to help choose menus for conference breaks and lunch

Committee members will be most busy two months before the conference, typically March and April.

2020-2021 Members 

  • Jen Neveau, Co-Chair
  • Kelly Auxier, Co-Chair

Interested? Contact Jen Neveau at

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