About the Forum

The Communicators Forum aims to promote excellence in communications and enhance cooperation among communications professionals working at the University. The Forum does this by:

  • promoting professional development through programs and committee involvement
  • building a network of colleagues with knowledge, skills, and resources
  • encouraging high standards
  • advancing the interests of communications professionals

The Communicators Forum is a nonprofit volunteer organization with many opportunities to get involved. Because learning and practicing new skills can be challenging, we support volunteers through leadership training and coaching. Members increase their professional skills and their knowledge of the University, providing value back to their units.


As a Communicators Forum member, you’ll find opportunities for professional growth, networking, and career development. University members can chair committees and serve on the board of directors.

Board of Directors

The Communicators Forum is led by a board of directors, including committee chairs and six elected positions — chair, chair-elect, chair emeritus, recorder, treasurer, and at-large director. All Forum members are welcome to attend monthly board meetings.

Membership Policies and Procedures

  • Membership is not transferrable: Membership cannot be transferred from one member to another.
  • No group membership: Group discounts will not be offered.
  • Conference cancellation policy: Conference registration cannot be refunded, but it can be transferred from one member to another.
  • Google Group solicitation: The UMCF Google Group is meant to serve members. Any email considered solicitation will not be posted to the Google Group. The board chair will not send emails out on behalf of a group or individual.

Bylaws and History

In 1986, a small group of communicators started meeting to discuss their jobs and common interests. They talked about the impact communicators have at the University. They took a hard look at opportunities for professional development and decided they needed more. They created the Communicators Forum and drafted the Forum bylaws.