Technology Committee

The Technology Committee provides support for leveraging the use of technology to support the mission of the Forum and advises the board on technology-related topics. The committee manages the Forum website and membership/conference registration.

Liaison Arrangement 

Designated members of the Technology Committee act as liaisons to each of the other UMCF committees and to the board of directors. Liaisons are responsible for the following duties as they relate to their assigned committees:

  • Attending assigned committee meetings as needed based on the workload of the committee and time availability of the liaison, recognizing that this is voluntary commitment.
  • Coordinating updates to the web pages related to the committee and its work. This may include working with other members of the committee to obtain photos, written statements, or other materials to be posted to the website.
  • Updating in a timely manner those web pages related to the committee and, if necessary, asking for assistance from other members of the Technology Committee.

Roles within this committee include:

  • Social media coordinator
  • Web content coordinator
  • Newsletter coordinator
  • Membership Profile coordinator

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