Membership Benefits

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As a Communicators Forum member, you’ll find opportunities for professional growth, networking, and career development.

  • Unite and network with communicators
  • Share knowledge
  • Strengthen skills
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Celebrate success
  • Volunteer on committees
  • Evolve in your field

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Membership Benefits

Communicators Forum membership includes a multitude of opportunities:

  • Learn and Network
    Monthly programs are created for and by communicators to promote professional development and provide opportunities to meet communicators across and outside the University.
  • Get Involved
    Committee involvement and special interest groups provide opportunities to share and strengthen professional and leadership skills.
  • Broaden Horizons
    The Communicators Forum Google Group allows members to ask colleagues questions and make announcements to members. It also provides a way to get University communications news, information about job postings in communications, and insights and information from colleagues about communication topics.
  • Win Awards!
    The Maroon & Gold Awards encourage high standards by recognizing excellence in communications at the University.

Value of Membership

Being a Communicators Forum member provides value to your work group.

  • Members have access to free monthly programs and experiential learning opportunities tailored specifically to the needs of University communicators. Programs help members stay current with trends, learn successful strategies from seasoned professionals, get inside information for communications at the U, and gain exposure to different fields to enhance their expertise and better collaborate with colleagues. Programs rotate campus location and time to make it convenient for University employees to attend and are planned by members to be relevant to University communicators.
  • The awards competition, member recognition event, annual conference, and other programs provide outlets for recognizing exceptional work, raising the bar for the communications we create to advance the University's goals and enhance our reputation with stakeholders.
  • By volunteering on committees and for special projects, members have a low-risk opportunity to stretch their abilities and gain new skills and experience that they can apply to their jobs.
  • The Communicators Forum email group, newsletter, ongoing resources, and social media provide timely information and insights, keeping University communicators in the know.
  • The Communicators Forum is part of the University's strong tradition of grassroots professional organizations and communities of practice. With more than 300 members, members have access to a network of colleagues who can help troubleshoot work assignments and challenges, sharing approaches they have tried and resources that can help. This targeted information exchange leads to more effective, efficient use of University resources.
  • Being a communicator in a university setting comes with its own set of challenges. Many members find that being part of a professional community of peers leads to increased job satisfaction and higher morale, which can help retain a valued employee.